Conchita Wurst Closes Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris Fashion Show

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Yesterday, Eurovision 2014 winner Conchita Wurst closed the show for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 Haute Couture Paris fashion show in a gorgeous black, red and gold floor-length gown.

Being given the closing spot at a fashion show is the highest honor a model can receive, usually reserved for the designer’s favorite or the most famous model. For Conchita to be placed in a such a prestigious position for her modeling debut marks a huge step forward in her career.

Dita Von Teese and Beth Ditto are a few other big names who have been given this honor in Gaultier’s show.

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Gaultier told The Independent, “I met Conchita two years ago she came to one of my couture shows. I loved her look and when I heard that she will represent Austria for the Eurovision Song Contest, I was delighted. When she won I was crazy with joy.”

He continued, “I always say that beauty is difference and Conchita has shown us all that she is unstoppable. And she looks great in couture; she is a real couture woman.”

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Earlier this year Conchita walked hand-in-hand with Gaultier on the red carpet for Life Ball in Vienna, Austria. Conchita wore a beautiful, off-the-shoulder fishtail dress and arguably out-shined every other person to walk the red carpet.

Conchita-Wurst-Jean-Paul-Gaultier Life Ball 2014 Red Carpet

Jean Paul Gaultier & Conchita Wurst at Life Ball 2014 – Image Credit:

Watch: Conchita Wurst Closes Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris Fashion Show

Here are some more gorgeous pictures of Conchita on the runway of yesterday’s show:

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Jean Paul Gaultier autumn:winter 2015 Conchita Wurst 03

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